China Innovative Solutions Showcase

Looking forward to launch the focusing on the Netherlands-related content in 2021.

Everyone deserves clean air

Dutch innovator Daan Rosengaarde dreams of bringing clean air to everyone. He and his team have created the world’s largest smog vacuum cleaner. This impressive invention has drawn a lot of attention from China, which is struggling with severe air pollution.

Dutch fashion takes the spotlight in China

RNW Media initiated the Sino-Dutch Fashion Dialogue- CROSS in Shanghai together with the Dutch Consulate and Donghua University, the event was highly praised and featured in over 20 media publications.

Helanonline wins Ifeng Best Partner Award
Helanonline has won the 2015 Ifeng 'Best Partner Award' for its high-quality production and unique perspectives at the Annual New Media Summit organised by, one of China’s leading news websites and part of the Hongkong-based Phoenix New Media network.
Helanonline: Flying high in KLM Chinese magazine

An agreement with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines means Helanonline content on the Netherlands is now available in the airline’s inflight magazines.

Sustainable water cleaning: From the Netherlands to China

Advocating for clean water the Dutch organisation Earth Water entered the Chinese market with a plan to invest in sustainable water projects. Helanonline supported their launching ceremony in Shanghai.

Helanonline boosts exposure in China

Helanonline signed a MoU with the People's Daily to set up channels to exchange content about the 'One Belt & One Road' theme. Helanonline's production have featured regularly on People's Daily platforms since 2008.